Abby taylor
Graphic Artist

Fire & Moon Dust Mystical Emporium


Fire & Moon Dust
Mystical Emporium

Fire & Moon Dust Mystical Emporium

The Challenge

Fire & Moon Dust Mystical Emporium is run by Faye Alamango. She's a tarot reader and supplier of mystical items. Faye is also a filmmaker and required an animated version of the logo I was producing for her, to feature in the opening credits of her productions.


The Solution

As Faye has many different areas within her business, I needed to provide her with a brand as dynamic and versatile as she is. Visually, Faye is not your typical tarot reader either; she dresses in a modern and youthful way and isn't a fan of the witchy look which is synonymous with tarot readers. I wanted this to come across in her brand too, creating something that is much more contemporary and bold than the typical branding associated with Tarot readers. 


Further Reading

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I was referred to Abby through a friend and colleague here on the island of Malta who just had her own brand created for Stephanie’s Dog Training, which caught my attention immediately, as I really liked Abby’s style and how catchy she made her business cards look. 

I decided to contact her to help me with my business logo for my mystical new age shop and animated logo for an online film series project that I am currently working on. After brainstorming and coming up with really cool ideas from photos I sent her that I liked, she was very fast and on point with coming up with a logo that matched what I was looking for.

She really does understand her client’s needs and I’m very impressed and pleased with the final product. I can’t thank her enough! I will definitely keep in touch and use her services in the future. Abby is a superstar!
— Faye Alamango
Fire & Moon Dust Business card