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Press Release: Couple's Artwork Selling Itself - Designs now being used on mugs, tote bags and more

Photo by Michael Grant of

Photo by Michael Grant of

‘HARTLEPOOL railway station’s acclaimed artwork is now featured in a wide range of merchandise.

Illustrator Abby Taylor created the 12 giant, vintage pictures with her partner Owen Smith last year.

Now council chiefs have secured funding to produce tote bags, tea towels, mugs and other items which are available at Hartlepool Art Gallery.

Abby said: “This was the start of my freelance career as the project got good traction and was the ideal springboard for me. It still feels so surreal to see the artwork we created on merchandise. We spent a long time working on them after our 9-5 jobs in the makeshift room while working on the dining table and a small desk on wheels till late.”

Abby and Owen graduated from Cleveland College of Art and Design/Northern School of Art in 2015. Abby worked as a graphic designer for two years whilst Owen became the Director at LemonTop Creative.

She continued: “I love hearing people say they bought something and how much the location means to them and how much they like the artwork. It never gets old and makes me smile every time. The artwork evokes memories for a lot of people and I love that so much. I think the items are beautiful and the quality is so nice, the pillows are faux velvet and the totes fully lined too.”

Hartlepool Borough Council and Abby Taylor and Owen Smiths Hartlepool Artwork
Selection of Hartlepool Merchandise. Photos by Michael Grant of

Selection of Hartlepool Merchandise. Photos by Michael Grant of

The artist is currently working on artwork in the vintage-style of locations in Newcastle in collaboration with For the Love of The North, which have two shops and an online store. She is also working on a handful of start-up businesses, including a dairy-free milkshake company. The Hartlepool artwork is on sale now at Hartlepool Art Gallery.’

- Article by journalist, Amie Slack of Hartlepool Life.

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